An alkaline diet is similar to how your dog would eat in nature.

A perfect diet for optimal nutrition while maintaining a healthy pH balance.

Canine Caviar for an active dog

An alkaline diet is similar to how your dog would eat in nature.

A perfect diet for optimal nutrition while maintaining a healthy pH balance.

Canine Caviar for an active dog

Benefits of Canine Caviar


Reduced health risks & degenerative diseases

By reducing acidity and increasing alkalinity, overall health increases and may prevent disease.


Improves cellular regeneration

Reduces aging, minimizes cellular degeneration and allows DNA self-recovery to function properly.


Reduces tear stains & hot spots

No preservatives, additives, or synthetic chemicals means less irritation and inflammation.


Highest metabolized energy (ME)

The highest quality of ingredients means increase "ME" in every bite.



Hormone, pesticide and antibiotic free; no corn, wheat or soy means allergen free.


Taurine for heart health

Taurine is derived from meat, our primary ingredient, adding additional heart support.

pH dog

Dogs pH balance

The blood, lymph and cerebral spinal fluid is genetically designed to be slightly alkaline around 7.1 to 7.4.

When pH falls below the alkaline pH, tissue in the body is prone to degenerative diseases.

Canine Caviar is a limited ingredient diet with a high digestibility rate of 91-93%

Highest Digestibility

A diet based on limited ingredients may minimize and identify a dogs sensitivities.

A dogs digestive tract can not handle multiple proteins and carbohydrates at one feeding.

Each formula contains 1 protein & 1 complex carbohydrate making for better digestion.

The more limited the ingredients, the higher the digestibility & less stress on the digestive system.

Select from 6 different protein sources from a free range type of environment:

chicken protein
buffalo protein
duck protein
venison protein
fish protein
lamb protein

Feeding Canine Caviar

rotation icon

Protein rotation

Select and rotate from a wide selection of proteins for a complete amino acid profile and a healthy immune system.

straight transition icon

Straight transition

Canine Caviar does not have to be mixed with your dogs current food. Switching straight is recommended. The first meal of Canine Caviar should be half the recommended meal amount. Subsequent meals at normal rations.

fresh water icon

Plenty of fresh water

Choose pH neutral water (preferably distilled) for proper utilization and digestion of all nutrients.

Calculate your recommended feeding



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Protein Source:
Pets ideal Weight:
Daily Avg Calories Needed:
Daily Avg:
* Daily Active Calories Needed:
* Daily Active:

Standard 8 fl. ounce (240 mL) measuring cup (Please note that equates to 4 dry ounces (114 g) of kibble). Based on minimum advertised price on 22 lb (10 kg) bag.

* An active dog is defines as traveling 5 miles (8 km) per day or as a working dog (i.e. Search and Rescue, Military, Police, Sled).

How We Compare
Competitor calories feeding:
Competitor cups feeding:
Canine Caviar cups needed to match:

Determine the optimal serving size using your pets ideal weight. Guideline is based on a typical household pet. Adjustments should be made based on the individual dogs metabolism and activity level.


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