Invest in your dogs health with platinum quality ingredients

Large volumes of meat, high quality grains & herbs and tireless work for safety and freshness

Canine Caviar Products

Choose from a wide variety of products

Canine Caviar Kibble Products

Dry Food

Complete and balanced nutrient dense diet:

  • Limited ingredient diet:
    1 protein, 1 complex carbohydrate
  • Contains no GMOs, no preservatives
  • 6 different sources of protein to choose from
  • Available in 3 different sizes

Wet Food

  • Single protein formulas - protein supplementation
  • Perfect for dogs with allergies to other proteins
  • Cold processed (alternative to raw)
  • No grains, no fillers, no sugar or salt, no artificial preservatives or colors
Canine Caviar Wet Products
Canine Caviar Supplements Products


  • Innovative blends of ingredients to achieve Alkalinity
  • High source of vitamins and minerals
  • Great addition to your dogs diet


  • Alkaline dog treats: promoting healthy brain function, healthy skin, heart & neurological health
  • Buffalo dog treats: natural treats high in protein, low in calories and fat, sourced from free-range grass-fed Indian buffalos
Canine Caviar Treat Products
Fanine Caviar Products

Feline Caviar

  • Limited ingredient diet: Coconut fiber helps move hair through digestive tract.
  • Contains no GMO's, no preservatives
  • 4 different sources of protein to choose from
  • High quality nutrient dense proteins