Canine Caviar
Jeff Baker

About 20 years ago, I was working as a scientific researcher at a pharmaceutical company. At the time, my dog was suffering severe allergic reactions to bee, ant and spider bites. Through my work, I discovered there was a chemical reaction between the ingredients in my dog’s food and insect venom.

So, I formulated an all-natural, holistic and alkaline diet just for him. And guess what? The allergies disappeared. That’s how Canine Caviar was born. Our unique, alkaline diet gets more oxygen into the blood, stimulating DNA regeneration, and reducing the risk of allergies, kidney and liver problems, and diabetes.

Over the years, I have been fortunate to make a difference in many animals’ lives. My own dog lived to the age of 17; the second longest-living Great Dane in history. We can help your dog live the best life, too. You have my word.

signed, Jeff Baker

CEO, Founder

Founded in 1996 27 Countries 12,000+ Stores Worldwide

Our mission

Our mission now and when we created Canine Caviar Pet Foods is to craft science-based Alkaline diets that: nourish pets, helping them to live active, healthy & long lives.

Raw Alt Mix

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Canine Caviar Food Review (2021)

Dog Food Network, 2021

Canine Caviar Dog Food has a 4-star rating from customers. Canine Caviar Dog Food is an ultra-premium dog food that focuses on an alkaline diet for dogs. The reasoning behind the alkaline diet is that it is what dogs and wolves would normally be consuming in the wild. Canine Caviar Dog Food is prepared to mimic the natural feeding habits of wild dogs more

Canine Caviar Dog Food Review 2021: First & Best Alkaline Pet Food?

Dog Food Guide, 2021

The best thing you can do for your pup when their health is struggling is to consult with your Veterinarian. If you’re looking to try something new and different Canine Caviar is a good option. This dog food helps your pup maintain a proper pH level to help put more oxygen into their blood and regulate their digestive health. According to reviews from customers, the food helps with a wide variety of other health issues more


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