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Tymon Fuentes
Tymon Fuentes
14:33 27 Aug 20
Excellent dog food. My fur babies are healthy and happy.
Jermaine Simmons
Jermaine Simmons
23:36 03 Oct 19
Great customer care and excellent service
Mari Hedtke
Mari Hedtke
19:51 10 Dec 18
Excellent dog food, love the protein rotation, highly recommended
Mark Golden
Mark Golden
19:05 23 Aug 18
Great Business.
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  1. T

    Open Sky has made significant improvements w/ our labs skin/allergies. Waiting for a rabbit (another cool protein) protein.

  2. LH

    The product is great. Navigating the web-site is not

  3. MP

    Very tasty for my dog, plus ingredients seem to be pretty healthy

  4. CP

    I love the ingredients, and my pup seems to love the flavor. Its great to find a dry food that isn’t full of fillers. My two year old Golden has started to put on a bit of weight, so we are switching her to a healthier food that will support her body for lots of exercise! I gave four starts instead of five because its noticeably fishy, we feed her in the laundry room luckily, but I can really smell the food if its in the bowl at any time during the day. But Gracie loves it, so that’s a win for sure!

  5. AS

    My little one is picky and he seems to like this food when I mix it with a little water. It gives it a broth taste. I’m excited to check out the other flavors for him. I have a small dog but its still a decent size bag of food and shipped quickly.


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